I graduated from Herron School of Art in 2009 with a major in painting and a minor in classical studies. My work often revolves around history, mythology, archeology, and women’s history in particular. My process begins with hours of research on a topic followed by smaller studies before moving onto a larger piece. My final pieces are oil on canvas in bright vibrant colors. The smaller studies are created with a variety of media including watercolor, charcoal, ink, and fabric.

Shortly after graduation, I created a body of work for her solo exhibition “Amazonomachy” which created a link between the Greek myth of the Amazon warriors, who would often amputate a breast in order to shoot a bow and arrow better, to the modern day fight against breast cancer. It is a series celebrating the strength of women and the sisterhood that have been created after the breast cancer awareness movement.

My current body of work celebrates women throughout history. I used the women listed in Judy Chicago’s “Dinner Party” as a starting point for my current women throughout history project. There are 1,038 women listed in this piece and I only knew a handful of them. One of my objectives is to use my artwork to educate people about the accomplishments of women throughout history. There are many books are other resources that go into great detail about the accomplishments of women. However, their achievements are rarely taught in our schools or discussed much at all. History is dominated by the achievements of men. Women are rarely mentioned, and when they are it is not nearly for the same length. A good example of this is Sybil Ludington. She was sixteen when she took her forty mile ride through the night to gather up militia during the American Revolutionary War. Nearly all Americans have heard of a similar ride by Paul Revere. However, Paul and the two other men that rode with him, were captured by the British before they could complete their mission. Sybil completed her mission by herself, traveled twice the distance, at the age of sixteen, in the rain, with a large stick toward off attackers. For 2016, I am focusing on Hoosier women in celebration of Indiana’s bicentennial.


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